CAVA Robotics: Client Engagement Pathway

A Phase 1 CAVA Robotics client engagement begins with clinical and financial robotic program data collection and CAVAlyticsTM, on-site observation of robotic cases, and qualitative, subjective interviews with robotic surgeons, OR crew, and administration.
From this initial due diligence, we take our experience (based on CAVA client programs nationally) and report back to leadership regarding our detailed findings, proprietary benchmarking, and recommended solutions. These may include an assessment of financial robotic performance, governance structure, and clinical outcomes measurements.  

After incorporating feedback from the leadership, CAVA custom designs workshops to address the needed robotic program improvements and change management. We include administrative modules, direct surgeon involvement, and OR crew instruction. These steps typically take 3 months. We then follow-up for the next 60 days and recommend completion of an interval data refresh to measure the impact of change. We include attendance at our national training center at Bellin Health in Green Bay.

CAVA also offers clients the option of a Phase 2 engagement with specific options for programs desiring optimal program design and deployment. A number of proprietary offerings are available.

The best way to begin is to schedule an introductory Webex with CAVA’s leadership team to learn much more. A mutual NDA can be executed to facilitate our dialogue.

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