CAVA’s Advice to Hospitals on Robotics Equipment Contracting (Part 1)

There were two friends, Mr. Impulse and Mr. Patience. Both were interested in buying a new car to replace their current vehicle. 

Mr. Impulse went to a nearby auto dealer where he saw a shiny new sports car and was quickly approached by the salesperson.  He was shown the newest gadgets that were being offered in the model year and was promised it was the “car of the future.”  The salesperson told him “they were running a special for a limited time only” in which discounts on the service, maintenance, and add-on features were being offered for “thousands off their usual price,” but Mr. Impulse would need to take possession of the car today to take advantage of the opportunity.  Mr. Impulse naturally agreed, signed the contract, and drove away happy.

Mr. Patience, on the other hand, researched the available sports cars online and discovered that while the current models were attractive, next year’s models were much more promising.  Not only were they equally “fast,” equipped with more luxurious features and “cheaper,” but the cost of service, maintenance and fuel economy were also much less costly.  The dealerships were offering a “pressure free” buying experience, and were willing to talk to potential buyers to plan a deal and payment structure that fit their lifestyles.  While waiting for the newer model from the dealer, Mr. Patience took good care of his current car with basic maintenance and upkeep, and made sure it ran reliably.  Mr. Patience waited a year to buy his new sports car, one that was ultimately “faster, safer, better, and cheaper,” as well as more advanced than the one that Mr. Impulse bought.

A few months later, Mr. Impulse saw Mr. Patience’s new sports car and he thought to himself, “Oh! Why didn’t I wait like Patience and be smarter in my purchase?”

CAVA’s simple advice to hospitals: Be patient when purchasing your next robotic system.  Do your homework and learn WHAT you need and WHY you need it.  Understand the limitations of the current models and make sure you are aware of the pricing, contracting, and relationship advantages of future technology BEFORE you buy.  Learn the options available to sustain your current robotic program until new vendors and technology come to market.

Please contact CAVA if you have any questions or need some help.

(Part 2 next week.)

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