CAVA’s Advice To Hospitals on Robotics Equipment Contracting (Part 2)

As we indicated last week…always make sure you are aware of the limitation of current robotic models and their pricing before you commit to final contracting.

Don’t be pressured by:

  • Discounts on the latest model, “advanced technology,” training, proctoring, instrument credits / returns “ONLY IF you take possession by next week or end of month or end of quarter”
  • Surgeons demanding the newest system because they were convinced that they “need it to perform their robotic surgery”

Time-sensitive offers are often not truly time-sensitive, with the exception that trade-in values may go down over time. Many new financing options are also now available including renting, leasing, and leasing-to-own.  Also, keep in mind that the newest, most expensive system may not be the ideal choice for a robotic program. Fact: The needs of your robotic program must dictate the right system, and that is a multi-faceted strategic decision. 

Finally, the robotic marketplace will be changing.  New vendors to the market may be available as early as 2017 / 2018, offering “faster, safer, better and cheaper” technology in response to the needs and wants of the robotic market. These vendors have every intention of being responsive to their customers in every way.

Please contact CAVA if you have any questions or need some help.

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