Superior, Evidence-Based Training for Surgeons, OR Crew, and Administrators

CAVA Robotics International’s Learning Management System (LMS) offers… clients the most advanced robotic program optimization training available.  Real-world battle tested to generate solid, rapid, impressive results every time, the CAVA LMS delivers an in-depth 12-month curriculum of pre-set robotic program education, provider and team training, performance checklists, detailed data reports, performance metrics and benchmarks, proficiency testing, and more. The CAVA LMS is organized by stakeholder (surgeons, crew, administration), and comes with full monthly accountability and performance transparency / ratings.

Robotic Surgeon Training

CAVA’s robotic surgeons also work on a peer-to-peer basis with our clients’ surgeons, leveraging the most advanced robotic techniques, tips for efficiency and supply / reposable usage, video case reviews, mentoring, and procedural simulation technologies. The net effect is powerful improvement in clinical quality, cost savings, program cost-effectiveness, and profitability.

CAVA assists our hospital clients in the management of robotic benign hysterectomy and gyn cases; gynecologic oncology; general surgery (inguinal, ventral, umbilical and incisional hernia procedures and cholecystectomy); colorectal / LAR; bariatrics; and urologic procedures (prostatectomy and nephrectomy).  Thoracic robotic surgery and ENT represents developing specializations, and CAVA provides assistance in these areas as well.

OR Crew Training

CAVA’s OR crew training addresses everything your hospital must know to create a superior, standardized robotic crew training program that is sustainable, scalable, and highly effective. CAVA’s crew training covers such topics as critical stakeholder communication; team building; flow charts and room set-up; roles; carts, trays and supply management; room turnover; and more than 75 job-specific skill training elements to achieve pre-, intra-, and post-op efficiencies.

“The role of an enlightened administration in the management of a superior robotic program is enormous.”

Administration Training

The role of administration in achieving a superior robotic program is critical. Through LMS-based education, using real-world experience, case studies, studies, publications, and benchmarking examples for best practice performance comparators, administrators are guided to an understanding of the entire robotic program process. Topics include the role of administrator as robotic program facilitator; surgeon alignment; program governance; system-wide program design; equipment footprint, appropriate selection, and contracting; patient selection criteria; scheduling; growth planning; policy and procedures; credentialing; Med Exec; medical malpractice management; data collection and analytics; and financials.

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