Does Your Hospital Run a Great Robotic Program?

Most hospitals and IDNs do not —
an operational, data analytics, and change management blind spot
that’s probably costing your facility 7-figure annual
Robotic program losses and unacceptable surgical outcomes
without you knowing it.

Most hospitals have little real insight into how to run a great da Vinci robotic system program. CAVA Robotics is now changing that from coast to coast. Just ask out clients.

CAVA Robotics, the healthcare consulting leader in robotic system program optimization for hospitals and IDNs, delivers proprietary, unprecedented diagnostic and prescriptive robotic change management programs for hospital administration, their surgeons and OR crew. CAVA rapidly helps our client hospitals capture large robotic supply cost savings, and then discover how to build and sustain their program’s net margin, efficiency, and market growth—quickly, correctly, and effectively.

New Analytics and Governance are Essential for Robotic Program Success

If your hospital wants a really successful surgical robotics program—optimizing clinical quality, profitability, and sustained growth—a vastly evolved level of healthcare data analytics, robotic surgery technique, supply efficiency, OR crew teamwork, and operational know-how is crucial. CAVA Robotics is the leader in robotic program optimization, healthcare data analytics, and robotic change management consulting. CAVA works quickly, transparently, and effectively. In most engagements, we can turn around even the most challenged robotics program in just 3-6 months. CAVA helps our client hospitals routinely exceed ROI of 5x on our programs, dramatically improve robotic med mal and hospital risk management, and develop best-in-class patient outcomes and robotic financial performance. Want to know more?

CAVA’s approach to Robotic program design will completely transform the success of your hospital’s da Vinci program.

Phase 1 Diagnostics

Proprietary Benchmarking

CAVALYTICS®Online Data Platform

Customized Change Management

World-Class National Training Center

Customized Phase 2 Programs

Surgeon, Crew and Administration Training

Governance Consulting and Program ROI

Proprietary Robotic Benchmarking: Data You Have Never Seen

CAVA guides our da Vinci surgical system clients through customized qualitative and quantitative robotic program diagnostics. CAVA leverages deep fiscal and surgical robotic benchmarking analytics extracted from tens of thousands of redacted robotic vs. laparoscopic vs. open client cases across a dozen surgical care lines at scores of US hospitals. CAVA’s data are not available publically and go far beyond what is published in the limited (and often negatively biased) robotic peer review literature. CAVA’s objective robotic benchmark data is unprecedented and is expanded on a monthly basis. CAVA has no financial interest in selling robotic equipment to our clients. Our company is not connected to the financial interests of the robotic technology industry.

CAVA Robotics National Robotic Training Center at

CAVA Robotics has partnered with Bellin Health to develop the finest, most advanced robotic training center for CAVA Robotics’ clients.Featuring hands-on, interactive 1-day and multi-day in-depth training, CAVA takes its hospital administration clients, new and experienced robotic surgeons, and robotic OR crews into content known by only the very top robotic programs nationally, focusing on all leading robotic procedures.


CAVA Senior Team

CEO Josh Feldstein, Medical Director Herb Coussons, MD, and MedicalDirector Rick Low, MD, lead CAVA Robotics.

Josh Feldstein is an applied health economist with a specialization in surgical robotics, value-based analytics, and robotic program design. An educator and consultant to hospitals and industry in robotic cost-effectiveness, Mr. Feldstein sits on the editorial board of American Health and Drug Benefits. Herb Coussons, MD, is a Board Certified OBGYN robotic surgeon, a nationally recognized robotics guest speaker, and an expert in robotic cost-effectiveness and program optimization. Dr. Coussons is Senior Medical Director for the CAVA Robotics Training Center at Bellin Health in Green Bay, WI. Rick Low, MD, is a nationally renowned robotic surgeon, lecturer and educator; an instructor in single incision lap surgery; and a national robotics proctor. Dr. Low is Board Certified in General Surgery, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and Advanced Trauma Life Support, and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Low is Chief of Surgery at John C. Lincoln hospital, Phoenix, AZ.

Delivering unparalleled robotic experience and proprietary know how—and supported by a team of associate Medical Director robotic surgeons, academic leadership, statistician-econometricians, and IT experts—CAVA Robotics delivers the most powerful robotic program transformation capability in the country.

Herb Coussons, MD

Josh Feldstein

Rick Low, MD

CAVA Medical Director


CAVA Medical Director

Schedule an in-depth, 30-minute CAVA Robotics webinar / demo with our senior leadership to discuss your facility’s robotic program performance.

Sample CAVA Robotics application dashboards

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Robotic Service Lines

CAVA Robotics assists our da Vinci robotic system hospital clients in themanagement of robotic benign hysterectomy and gyn cases; gynecologic oncology; general surgery (single site cholecystectomy; inguinal, ventral, umbilical and incisional hernia procedures; CR / LAR cases; appendectomies; nephrectomies; bariatrics; and lysis cases); and prostatectomy and urologic procedures.

Robotic Data and IT Capabilities

CAVA Robotics’ HIPAA and cyber security-compliant data and IT management teams efficiently assist our clients with the extraction and synthesize their facility’s comparative robotic vs. lap vs. open data across 60 – 500 specific clinical and fiscal performance endpoints. CAVA’s vast data management and IT experience includes EPIC, Cerner, and other EMRs, supply chain software, accounting packages, and an array of non-integrated data applications. CAVA can coordinate performance analytics for our clients regardless of data complexity and synthesis challenges.

Achieve the Illusive ROI of Robotics

  • Perform diagnostic and prescriptive analyses on your existing / contemplated da Vinci robotic system program
  • Identify unknown supply and operational costs, program inefficiencies, and performance problems
  • Design a successful, sustainable, highly cost-effective robotic enterprise
  • Achieve appropriate use of robotics within your minimally invasive surgical portfolio
  • Employ cost-effective robotic technology acquisition strategies
  • Manage med mal risk
  • Optimize regional program growth

Most Hospital Robotic Programs Cost a Facility Millions With Little Hope of Fiscal Sustainability…
But It Does Not Have To Be This Way!