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Client Testimonials

"Working with CAVA was a game changer. Their team has expertise in clinical robotics, medical finance, and health care administration. When we started working with them, we had robots, but no program. CAVA helped us address challenges on both the clinical and business side and now we have a successful multi-disciplinary robotics program. I can’t say enough about their team.

Matthew W. Guile, MD, MS
Robotic Surgeon, OB/GYN, Sutter Medical Center, CA

“Starting a robotic program was a strategic initiative at our hospital…the economic feasibility study and support we received from CAVA was a huge positive — we couldn’t have done it without their help as we moved forward…we did more more than 200 cases in our first 12 months.”

Jim Flickema
VP of Business Development, Otsego Memorial Hospital, MI

“The CAVA Robotics team immediately impressed me with their knowledge, experience, and incredible insight. CAVA is an indispensable asset for any robotic program that wants to succeed!

Richard Bergman
COO, St. Mary’s Hospital, MO

"One of the things CAVA brought to us at UNC was the ability to look at what we were doing. We thought…we were plugging along, but it was a delusion. What CAVA was able to show us was what reality was…and not only reality, but a pathway to get to the level we needed to be at. This is an important part of making a program an outstanding program."

Richard Feins, MD
Medical Director of Perioperative Services (ret), UNC Healthcare, NC

CAVA understands data analytics and robotic program development. Their team’s dedication and focus helped overcome challenging issues in the buildup of a powerful robotic / MIS program whose infrastructure is ready for the changing healthcare environment and for next generation technologies.”

Michael Beneke, MD, FACS
Robotic Surgeon, Chief of Surgery, Sacramento Hospital, CA

“In our collaboration with CAVA…we did learn a lot…the direction from CAVA has served us well.

Walt Noble, MD, FACS
Chief Surgical Services, Munson Medical Center, Traverse City, MI
  • CAVA Case Study #1
  • CAVA Case Study #2
  • CAVA Case Study #3
  • CAVA Case Study #4

CAVA ROBOTICS Case Study #1:

A middle-market IDN’s robotic program achieves top quartile case efficiency,
reduced robotic program costs – by significant 6-figures – and improved
surgical performance quality, all within 24 months.

A regional, multi-hospital robotic program performing more than 1500 robotic cases annually engages CAVA to improve its program’s overall efficiency, profitability, and quality. With more than 50 robotic surgeons and a fleet of robots, at 18 months the IDN achieves significant 6-figure instrument and reposable cost savings, an overhaul of its robotic program governance / policies, and realizes cost savings of 7-figures, inclusive of instrument and reposable savings and OR time reduction through faster case times. A quality improvement program is initiated to realize additional incremental robotic instrument cost savings as well as improvements in overall robotic surgery performance metrics, achieving overall top quartile performance status.

CAVA ROBOTICS Case Study #2:

An Academic Medical Center identities more than 7-figures in savings, achieves significant advancement in data management

An Academic Medical Center (AMC) with a robotic surgery program across multiple service lines engages CAVA to gain better command and control over its program, understand the comparative surgical performance metrics of its surgeons, improve robot access for its surgeons, and reduce overall program costs. CAVA is engaged and places a full-time CAVA best practice-trained robotic coordinator within the program. Within 12 months, the AMC recovers significant 6-figures in robotic instrument and reposable cost savings and identifies more than 7-figures in unrecognized inventory cost savings opportunities. Additionally, notable improvements are achieved in EMR and cost accounting data auditing, correction, and normalization, setting the stage for stronger ongoing program management and performance oversight at the surgeon and case level.

CAVA ROBOTICS Case Study #3:

Rural hospital with 3 ORs does 223 robotic case in year 1

A rural hospital with 3 OR seeks to launch a robotic program. CAVA is engaged to conduct a feasibility assessment and implement best practice-based training and ongoing surgeon and crew performance monitoring. The hospital eclipses its projection of 208 robotic surgeries for its first year, completing 223 robotic cases by the end of month 12. Its robotic surgeons consistently surpass Intuitive Surgical performance benchmarks in numerous cost drivers including procedure time. Top 10% CAVA best practice benchmark levels in supply cost management are surpassed in several surgical categories at just 6 months post-launch.

CAVA ROBOTICS Case Study #4:

Large urban hospital saves $1.3M in one year

CAVA is engaged to optimize the robotic program at a large urban hospital. Key objectives included reengaging / helping to retrain surgeons and crew who were lacking a vision of robotics’ clinical value; restarting its robotics committee and establishing evidence-based program policies and procedures; establishing surgeon and crew performance metrics; identifying / capture of supply and reposable reduction; achieving tray standardization; and establishing surgeon credentialing, privileging, and mentoring policies. Within 12 months, the robotic program’s governance and infrastructure is turned around. Supply and reposable usage is significantly streamlined. The robotic committee is restarted, with committed co-chairs established. The Chief of Surgery completes robotic training, becomes credentialed as a robotic surgeon, and completes more than 30 robotic cases in his first 3 months. Robotic Gyn and General Surgery case times decrease by 40% and case volumes increase significantly. Overall robotic margin improvement is achieved of $2,254 per case x 577 cases yielding a net improvement of $1.3M.

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CAVA Robotics International has culled real world data and robotic program experience from more than 100 hospitals over the past decade to synthesize all the Best Practices needed to achieve maximum ROI for a robotic program.

We’ve done all the heavy lifting. Your facility just needs to follow the CAVA guidelines.  
Proven. Published. CAVA Robotics International uses validated data analytics and comparative performance benchmarking drawn from hundreds of thousands of surgical cases, automation, cloud-enabled architecture, and our proprietary CAVA Learning Management System — with oversight from our world-class robotic surgeon leaders and data scientists — to help our hospital clients achieve 20%, 30%, and even greater cost savings and validated robotic program best practice performance that can rival laparoscopy!

What you don’t know about how robotic surgery and program management is costing your hospital millions of dollars

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CAVA Technology Flow Chart

Engagement Timelines and Scope

CAVA partners with our client hospitals on tightly defined projects as well as complete turn-key program management engagements.  Individual projects may run from one to six months. Comprehensive Phase 1 Engagements are set at 12 months. Follow-on Phase 2, Phase 3, and Phase 4 Engagements run from 6 to 24 months based on scope.

CAVA’s Learning Management System

Nothing is left to chance when CAVA works with its hospital clients. Driving all Phase 1 engagements is CAVA’s proprietary Learning Management System which delivers an in-depth 12-month curriculum of pre-set robotic program education, provider and team training, performance checklists, detailed data reports, performance metrics and benchmarks, proficiency testing, and more.

All training is organized by stakeholder (surgeons, crew, administration), with full monthly accountability and performance transparency / ratings including CAVA management.

Program Engagement Elements

  • CAVA21-Point Diagnostic Assessment and CAVAMaturity Mapping of Your Hospital’s Robotic Program’s Clinical and Operational Performance
  • Robotic vs Lap vs Open Surgical and Financial Quantitative Performance Audit vs. Best Practice Metrics
  • EMR, Cost Accounting, and Supply Chain Data Assessment, Auditing, and Corrections
  • Robotic Committee Support, Program Governance, Program Vision
  • Robotic Program Document and Policy Support, Including National-Level Surgeon Credentialing, Committee Management, and Program Governance
  • Surgeon Proctoring, Peer-to-Peer Video Case Reviews, On-Site Mentoring, and Peer-Review Validated Training
  • Robotic Crew Training and Certification
  • CAVA-Trained Robotic First Assists and Robotic Program Coordinators
  • Business Model / Market Support Independent of the Robot Vendor

Data Analytics

For a surgical robotics program to be successful, advanced healthcare data analytics are crucial. The CAVAlytics™ platform delivers all the firepower you need.

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CAVA's proprietary Learning Management System delivers the most advanced robotic program training for robotic surgeons, OR crew, and administrators.

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