Your Hospital’s Robotics Program Can Achieve Incredible Cost reduction and clinical superiority


– Understand your robotic program’s performance vs other hospitals

– Establish a prioritized improvement plan with our expert robotics team

– Achieve results rapidly

Your peers have already achieved:

  • Unparalleled Robotic & Minimally Invasive Surgery Data Analytics via CAVA's Proprietary CAVAlytics™ Platform
  • Unparalleled Cost and Quality Surgical Data Interpretation You Simply Cannot Accomplish Internally
  • Precise Identification of Your Hospital’s Robotic and MIS Cost Savings / Profit-Increasing / Clinical Quality Improvement Opportunities
  • Peer-Review Validated, Evidence-Based, Peer-to-Peer Surgeon / OR Crew / Administration Training with CAVA’s Learning Management System and World-Class Surgeons
  • Guaranteed Engagement Results for Qualified Clients
  • Typical 3x-Plus ROI with Top Quartile – or Better – Clinical Performance
  • Best Practice Robotic Program Performance that Often Rivals Laparoscopy
  • Data Ingestion Includes API Data Capabilities with 3rd-Party Certified US HIPAA- and EU GDPR-Compliant Data Privacy and Security
  • Achieve Fiscal Success within an Accountable Care Environment
  • Serving Hospital Robotic Programs Since 2011

What you don’t know about how to design and manage your robotic surgery program is negatively affecting clinical quality and operational efficiency…and probably costing your hospital millions of dollars

CAVA Robotics International uses validated data analytics and comparative performance benchmarking drawn from hundreds of thousands of surgical cases, automation, cloud-enabled architecture, and our proprietary CAVA Learning Management System — with oversight from our world-class robotic surgeon leaders and data scientists — to help our hospital clients achieve 20%, 30%, and even greater cost savings and validated robotic program best practice performance that can rival laparoscopy!

If you want top 10th percentile robotic program quality, profitability, ROI, and patient satisfaction, your hospital needs to partner with CAVA Robotics

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CAVA Robotics is the US and global leader in robotic program optimization

  • CAVA quickly lowers costs and generates superior surgical quality using powerful data analytics with oversight from our team of world-class robotic surgeon leaders
  • CAVA’s surgeons, data scientists, health economists, IT experts and trainers help our hospital and IDN clients achieve levels of performance many clients never believed possible!
  • CAVA engagements guarantee rapid breakeven with proven 3x and greater ROI in 12-24 months for both existing and newly-created robotic programs (terms and conditions apply)
  • CAVA clients typically realize rapid, significant six- and seven-figure performance improvements in both commercial and accountable care payer environments…let us tell you more!
  • CAVA incorporates our subscription-based CAVAlytics™ platform into all engagements. CAVAlytics™ is a cloud-enabled, real-world surgical performance database and analytic platform that facilitates automated, structured data input and output on demand
  • CAVA translates our clients’ EMR, cost accounting, and supply data into automated information combined with peer-to-peer surgeon, crew, and administrator training to achieve superior robotic program performance
  • CAVA Robotics has an established 3rd-party-audited data privacy and security compliance program in place in the US (HIPAA) and within all European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) markets. Click here.

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CAVA Robotics offers project-specific as well as comprehensive, turn-key robotic program optimization engagements depending on your hospital's needs

Ask about CAVA's Phase 1 Fee Neutrality Guarantee* and Gain Share Contracting*

* For qualified clients. Terms and conditions apply.

CAVA Technology Flow Chart

Engagement Timelines and Scope

CAVA partners with our client hospitals on tightly defined projects as well as complete turn-key program management engagements.  Individual projects may run from one to six months. Comprehensive Phase 1 Engagements are set at 12 months. Follow-on Phase 2, Phase 3, and Phase 4 Engagements run from 6 to 24 months based on scope.

CAVA’s Learning Management System

Nothing is left to chance when CAVA works with its hospital clients. Driving all Phase 1 engagements is CAVA’s proprietary Learning Management System which delivers an in-depth 12-month curriculum of pre-set robotic program education, provider and team training, performance checklists, detailed data reports, performance metrics and benchmarks, proficiency testing, and more.

All training is organized by stakeholder (surgeons, crew, administration), with full monthly accountability and performance transparency / ratings including CAVA management.

Program Engagement Elements

  • CAVA21-Point Diagnostic Assessment and CAVAMaturity Mapping of Your Hospital’s Robotic Program’s Clinical and Operational Performance
  • Robotic vs Lap vs Open Surgical and Financial Quantitative Performance Audit vs. Best Practice Metrics
  • EMR, Cost Accounting, and Supply Chain Data Assessment, Auditing, and Corrections
  • Robotic Committee Support, Program Governance, Program Vision
  • Robotic Program Document and Policy Support, Including National-Level Surgeon Credentialing, Committee Management, and Program Governance
  • Surgeon Proctoring, Peer-to-Peer Video Case Reviews, On-Site Mentoring, and Peer-Review Validated Training
  • Robotic Crew Training and Certification
  • CAVA-Trained Robotic First Assists and Robotic Program Coordinators
  • Business Model / Market Support Independent of the Robot Vendor

“Robotic Disclosure” Podcast

Hear CAVA CEO Josh Feldstein interview the most knowledgeable and experienced robotic surgeons, hospital administrators, data scientists, and industry leaders on “Robotic Disclosure.”

Learn from the very best robot program experts as they share insights into the design and management of best practice robotic programs, technology, surgery, data analytics, and more!

Video Introductions

CAVA President Josh Feldstein

Medical Director Dr. Herb Coussons

Data Analytics

For a surgical robotics program to be successful, advanced healthcare data analytics are crucial. The CAVAlytics™ platform delivers all the firepower you need.

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CAVA's proprietary Learning Management System delivers the most advanced robotic program training for robotic surgeons, OR crew, and administrators.

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Robotic program governance is a crucial yet underserved area at most hospitals. CAVA transforms robotic program governance rapidly and powerfully.

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